Diablo 3 Real Damage Per Second Calculator

I have created an application that calculates the (real) DPS of weapons in Diablo III, whether single or dual wielding. Quoting the description:

Choose your weapons wisely and know how much damage you truly deliver in Diablo 3!

Good old days when bigger was better is gone! In Blizzard™’s Diablo III™, except for the most simple and non-magical weapons, the DPS (Damage per Second) reported can be misleading, because it does not take into consideration the extra magical damage an weapon may deliver. If not enough, things really gets wild when dual wielding, when you can deliver less damage than with a single weapon if you don’t carefully consider the specs of both weapons.
Tired of switching from desktop to game in order to use PC calculator to get the right DPS? Tired of building all the complicated formulas in your cell phone calculator, while your NPC companion complains you are wasting his time, just to know if using two axes is better than a single dagger? Have you never bothered knowing your DPS because it was too complicated?
If so, this application is for you! You will still need to type the values into your cell phone, but from the bare values it will magically deliver the true DPS you waste upon your foes!
You will have to input: base damage, extra magical damage and speed, for a single weapon or for two weapons, and the calculator will display your true DPS with that choice of weapons.
Please notice that this application was not made by Blizzard, and the formulas used within were devised from the gameplay itself.

Buy it from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fractalgames

The source code is available here: https://www.gitorious.org/d3dpscalc. Please don’t compile it yourself then submit it to Google Play for free, because I don’t know how to sue you if you do…


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